Over twenty years of experience, both as a freelancer and full-time worker in the creative industries.

Producing marketing concepts & material for:

direct marketing | taglines | radio commercial scripts | press releases | billboards | press advertising | niche marketing | social media | copywriting | brand development | employee incentives | charities

With, or For:

  • Full service: TBWA (South Africa)
  • Retail advertising: Zoom Retail Marketing (part of the Ogilvy Group)
  • Financial marketing: GreenRoom (Old Mutual)
  • Content marketing: Eventility.co.uk / Cambridge NetSquared / Catatrac
  • Radio: 209radio, Cambridge105, CapeTalk 567
  • Hospitality: African Pride Hotels, Radisson Hotels (South Africa)
  • Retail: Woolworths (South Africa), Trentyre, Picardi Rebel
  • FMCG: Nando's,
  • Niche marketing: Eventility, Catatrac, Cambridge NetSquared, 209radio (Cambridge105fm), Cambridge Super8 Film Festival, The Sun Flower Fund

Voluntary sector:

Within the voluntary sector, full-service marketing support from copywriting through to graphic design for The Sunflower Fund,in Cape Town, South Africa.

Broadcasting experience:

5 years on-air with community and hopsital radio, in Cambridge.

Our Prices

I conceptualise everything

I create,

you watch.

I create,

you help.

I create,

you help.

You do everything,

I then advise