Awaken your       brand's personality   

Successful businesses realise the importance of a memorable public persona. Neonical can help with this development, by delivering a combination of online and offline brand narrative, with creative services that engage your clients and increase interest in your business. Brands that are doing more than they're saying, are building their businesses for future success.

Our approach

We get through the noise, that unlocks immeasurable growth for our clients. We do this by studying and breaking accepted conventions, and creating desire that stimulates all parts of the customer experience.

We develop creative brand ideas that challenge cultures and drive impact in markets that

have become boring.

 Using the power of storytelling, to build brands and sell products, and also to impact society in positive ways.


What a copywriter actually does

Copywriters either work in advertising agencies or as part of an in-house marketing team,  selling products, services, and companies through words and ideas.

It is all about getting your audience to take action......

Creative Direction

Creative direction is a powerful tool, capable of helping you to connect with your audience on a much deeper level. But many business owners don't understand its value, or see it as something necessary for their brand's success.

It is all about getting your audience to take action......

Brand development

Brand development is a strategic process of creating and distinguishing your company's image, products and services from your competitors. Development includes aligning your brand with your business objectives, communicating your brand to your target market and updating or strengthening your brand as necessary.

It is all about getting your audience to take action......


Neonical is run by people who have worked for international advertising group TBWA, part of the Omnicom Group. The Ogilvy Group's Zoom Advertising, a specialist branch of Ogilvy, with a history in retail marketing. Financial services group, Old Mutual's in-house design studio, The Green Room. Clients in the United Kingdom have included other advertising agencies, lawyers, accountants, charities, radio stations, affiliate marketing-based travel portals.

Clients have included:   


    • Adidas
    • Absolut vodka
    • Levis
    • Wonderbra
    • Chivas Regal
    • Woolworths (South African equivalent of Marks & Spencer's)
    • 209radio
      • South African Rugby
      • Mars Foods
      • Nando's
      • Tiger Foods
      • Western Cape Government
      • Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
      • The African Pride hotel group of South Africa part of Protea Hotels (South Africa)



      - Paul S


      "Marc has worked well with the other creative teams, was helpful, obliging and keen to learn, and gained some good experience during his time at TBWA."

      - Wendy M


      Our Services

      Newsletter Package


      Same-day service

      Just £25/letter and re-writes from £20*/letter

      (*introductory offer)


      • Tone of voice writing and development

      • Headlines

      • Slogans

      • Taglines

      • Jingles

      Tailor-made packages made to suit you.

      Graphic designer package


      Writing for brochures / flyers / POS / catalogues / vouchers.

      Content management services

      Reliable website updates through the platform of your choice.

      Website designer package


      • Writing SEO copy
      • Writing web copy

      Tailor-made packages made to suit you.

      Brand Development

      Creating and distinguishing your company's image, products and services from competitors with a Brand characterFrom brand values to defining, refining, and testing your overall brand strategy.

      Writing and editing services

      Getting the right response you want from your clients, is what we are here to do. We will get to know you and your market, so that the right ideas and approach can be used to connect you to your customers.

      Choosing the right idea is absolutely vital in sending out a message that turns the public's interest into action.

      So, if you are looking for flexible, highly effective and intelligent marketing services, we are here for you. We work with businesses of all sizes from all different sectors.

      Art direction & Graphic design services

      Has your corporate image become a bit stale? Perhaps you are in need of a new angle in the style and image that you are portraying to your customers...

      If it's a visual impact you are after then look no further. We dabble in the art of shapes and colours and enjoy the occasional use of “cut 'n paste” to bring you closer to your customers.

      We will assist and advise you every step of the way forward in creating a meaningful and visible visual personality.

      From dealing with initial design and visual concepts through to suggesting the right photographer and printing house, we will be with you every step of the way.

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      *No outsourcers!